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Who We Are

The New Leaf Co-op is a vegetarian wholefood shop based in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh. We are Edinburgh’s hands-on wholefood shop. Customers can scoop, pour, refill and grind their own: taking as much or as little as they actually need. One of our most popular features is our nut grinding machine, where customers can grind their own almond, cashew, peanut and chocolate peanut butters- IT’S SO GOOD. We also have lots of options for people following special diets such as low GI, or Gluten and dairy free. We offer a 10% discount on scoop your own and New Leaf’s in-house packed products to students, seniors and unemployed folks.

We opened our doors in 2012 and since then we have gone from strength to strength with the support of our amazing local customers. As a workers’ co-operative, the New Leaf is collectively owned and managed by the people who work here (meet the team here!). That means when you come in to the shop, you are talking to the people who have nurtured this business, and who really care about the shop and its customers.

Peanut grinder and food dispensersPrinciples

We have chosen to put our principles right at the heart of our business. We aim to provide considerately sourced healthy ingredients at a reasonable price, with a focus on organic, locally sourced and fairtrade products. You can read more about our co-operative values here and more about our ethical purchasing policy here.  We are also committed to lowering packaging. We stock more than 150 delicious ingredients and environmentally friendly cleaning products for customers to scoop and refill themselves, and our range is ever growing! If you bring your own container for scoop your own foods, you can receive a 10p discount on products weighing 500g and over. We are a vegetarian shop. We stock eggs, milk and honey so our offer isn’t vegan overall. However, we also strive to promote the many, many dairy free and naturally vegan products there are available, so aside from the raw ingredients of eggs, milk and honey- nearly everything else  in the shop is dairy free and vegan.

Keeping it Fresh & Local

Aside from our many lines of loose, tasty wholefoods, and grind your own nut butters we also offer a vibrant range of fruit and vegetables, and tasty fresh bread from four amazing local bakeries, delivered daily. We try and source our fruit and veg as locally as possible (some is grown in Edinburgh and you can’t really get more local than that). When it’s not from the UK it’s nearly always European, and it’s all pesticide free, and nearly all certified organic.

Veg, Bread and a Blackboard Sign

Hands on Shop Fitting

From day one The New Leaf has been a labour of love, and we hope this shows in the shop’s appearance. We refitted the shop ourselves (with  invaluable help from many handy friends), opening up the previously unused back room and learning glazing, plumming and joinery along the way. Much of the shelving has given new purpose to a mighty windfallen beech, brought down from the highlands. Other shop fittings we begged bought and borrowed from auctions, skips and beyond. We hope you like it!






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