One of the reasons we have chosen to work as a co-operative is because we want the business to achieve a set of wider social and environmental aims rather than simply being a profit-making entity. The New Leaf Co-op aims to:

  • Make wholefoods more accessible to the Edinburgh population
  • Provide good quality, considerately sourced ingredients for people to cook with
  • Promote cooking from healthy, raw ingredients
  • Respect the environment by reducing packaging
  • Promote local food, supporting local economies and reducing food miles
  • Make links with producers and folk who are trying to change food production systems for the better
  • Increase understanding of how current food production systems are unsustainable and the alternatives available.
  • Put profits into seeding other projects with positive aims
  • Pay ourselves a living wage
  • Be a positive example of a radical workers’ co-op
  • Support other local co-operatives

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