Dee’s Farewell

On May 3, 2014

After a couple of crazy years at The New Leaf Co-op, one of the New Leaf’s original members, Dee is leaving us. Here’s Dee’s farewell message to y’all:

To all the food-lovers, dedicated re-fillers, cooks extraordinary and curious ramblers. I had not anticipated that such a big aspect of being part of the New Leaf is how much you have all invested in us and the community spirit that has been engendered by the relationships we have all cultivated. For me this is an integral ingredient in creating a healthier and more socially engaged relationship with the complex world of why, how and what we eat. The quirkyness, passion, knowledge, banter and all round good craic you have shared with me over the past couple of years has been immense and truly unforgettable. The diversity of energy and support you have given the New Leaf Co-op and us workers who run it is deeply appreciated and enjoyed by us all – adding a richness and quality to the experience of running the New Leaf that I will miss greatly. The world of food is still very much on my agenda – for now I am shifting my focus from selling food to growing food.

Much lovage and peas out to you all- Dee.

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