Hive Mind: New Leaf Team to Mentor New Co-operatives

On August 12, 2016

Thinking of starting up a co-operative? We could mentor YOU.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve signed up to become peer mentors, offering advice and mentorship to new community enterprises and co-operatives. With funding from The Co-operative Bank, the business-development scheme has already given out £45,00 in support- with a great 68% success rate for applicants. If you or someone you know is thinking of starting a co-op or community enterprise and think you could do with a bit of support, check out The Hive HERE.

At The New Leaf, we’re proud of our co-operative identity, and that we, the workers make the decisions about how we’re run. Being a co-op also shows that we’re not just motivated by profit, but also by doing something good and fair in our community. Mentoring through the Hive is one way we can help build more co-ops, support more workers to feel satisfied and proud of their jobs and help to get more great projects off the ground.

As mentors, we’ll be the people who’ve been there and done it. We’re not there to make decisions for anyone else but to make suggestions, encourage problem solving, and empathise with what a crazy hectic amazing whirlwind getting a project going can be. We’ll bring the expertise, but we’re not here to tell folk what to do either.

So, get involved- start something and let’s get some more projects in Scotland on that infographic eh?

The Hive Co-op Mentoring Infographic

or community enterprise


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