Meanwhile, in our herbs and spices alcove…

On November 6, 2012

…its Christmas baking season again!

Bakers up and down the country are preparing to ‘feed’ their Christmas cakes (not as sinister as it sounds) with brandy over the coming weeks, to make sure they’re a suitable percentage proof come December 25th.

 We’re pretty proud of our great-value ‘herb and spice alcove’ – with 80 jars of great quality herbs and spices for customers to help themselves (see our cover photo). We wanted to see how our prices on seasonal spices measured up to the big supermarkets, and after a quick trawl of the ‘net, we are pretty pleased with the results. The cheapest is shown first…

*Ground Cinnamon / 100g:*
*New Leaf Co-op*: 75p
*Tesco*: £1.70, *ASDA* £1.82, *Sainsbury’s*: £2.38, *Waitrose*: £4.00

*Mixed Spice / 100g*
*New Leaf Co-op*:86p
*Tesco*: £1.20, *ASDA* £1.80, *Sainsbury’s*: £2.00, *Waitrose*: £4.30

*Whole Cloves / 100g*
*New Leaf Co-op*: £3.37
*ASDA*: £3.90, *Sainsbury’s: £4.00*, *Tesco*: £4.30, *Waitrose*: £5.40

We also have a great range of dried fruits and baking ingredients, so we’re the ideal stop for all of your seasonal baking needs!

(prices taken on 20/10/12 from for ASDA prices, ,,,

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