Meet The Producers… at Meadowsweet Organics!

On August 15, 2017

We’ve just come back from a very exciting wee visit to one of our veg suppliers to see where it all happens! Meadowsweet Organics are based on the Falkland estate in Fife, just down the road from Pillars of Hercules – another organic farm in the area.

Visiting Meadowsweet is like a dream come true for the horticulturalist inside you. There are rows and rows of amazingly luscious plants and you can tell the ecosystem is a happy one because there are so many bees and insects happily bobbing around everywhere. It really is a beautiful spot.

The whole operation is run by Rosy and David, with the help of the occasional WWOOFer. The organic market garden consists of about 2.5 hectares of land as well as some polytunnels and a wee hut.

David showed us round the polytunnels first. They were absolutely packed with all sorts of plants, including a collection of massive tomato plants that David explained he wouldn’t let anyone but him touch. Every day he does a little bit with them and his work is definitely paying off judging by the size of the fruit!

In one of the polytunnels, there is a huge wooden box that is used to dry out the herbs that Rosy grows for herbal use. It’s a well thought out and home made contraption that makes sure the plants don’t dry out to fast so as to retain their colour and the oils within and make them perfect for adding to the tea mixes that they produce.

Rosy just qualified as a herbalist so the herbal side of Meadowsweet is mostly her domain. There is a whole section of the garden devoted to culinary and medicinal herbs and situated next to it is a huge tipi in which they would like to run workshops in the future.

The whole place is so well considered, it seems like everything is done for a reason. They use seaweed fertiliser because it’s vegan and also good for plants and planet. They think really hard about what they grow and only grow things that work well with the seasons in Scotland, including planting different varieties of the same vegetable at different times of year to ensure that they can produce it over a longer period of time.

The next big addition to the garden is that they want to have an orchard with as many varieties of tree as they can get. David and Rosy are getting married soon so they’ve asked for their wedding presents to be trees for the orchard!

It’s really important to us that the produce we sell at New Leaf meets the high standards that we set for it. Visiting suppliers like this allows us to see first hand where our produce comes from, and Meadowsweet really does blow our socks off with their commitment to providing fresh, local and organic produce whilst maintaining their values and integrity in what they do!

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