More than we can chew

On December 22, 2013

Hello. As some of you might have heard, we have received a grant from Zero waste Scotland to run a food waste reduction project. Please read on for details of the survey we”re conducting along with this. The official launch of the project will be the 7th of January 2014 but we thought we should let you, lovely folks, know what’s going on.

Previously, we”ve concentrated on packaging, but have realised that food waste has a huge environmental impact too. In Scotland, we throw away more food than packaging!

We will have information (on leaflets and banners) on: Portion sizes, the cost food waste, storage advice, recipes on how to use up and turn your left-over into something tasty. Our shiny new weighing scale on the shop floor will help you to put this information into practice. We will also be running several interactive food waste online casino reduction workshops.

We would like to tailor this project to meet our customers’ consumption habits and behaviour; therefore we would like you to help us by filling out the baseline survey, which is available both on-line from this link or hard-copy in the shop. And the Scotland Love Food and Hate Waste have donated 80 spaghetti measurers to be given to the people who have completed the survey.

To fill out our survey please click  on:

And why not check out Scotland Love Food Hate Waste for their Christmas tips and tricks, and left-over recipes.

Happy holidays!


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