New Leaf Autumnal workshop & seminar series

On November 1, 2013

Well, that might make it sound a bit grand, but aspiration was never our weak spot! In all seriousness it was really exciting to go into autumn and our ‘wesurvivedforayear’ celebration by putting some time and energy into some events which feed the motivation to keep wrestling sacks of fava beans, filling bags of walnuts, counting nutmegs, working out the shetland blue from highland burgundy, and various other screen staring and bean counting necessary evils.

First up we had Andrew Whitley from Bread Matters talking about “Real Bread”. It was a fascinating romp through bread’s social role, the nutritional benefits of sourdough, the destructive dominance of mega-bakeries and grain commodification in the UK, the movement to bring nutritious and local bread to every Scottish community… topped off with some delicious bread!

Next up was Alison Murfitt with an evening of fun(gi). She took us through the myriad types of fungi and their mycelia – from tiny specific to one other organism rarities, through to what might be the largest, oldest organism on earth! We covered how to identify some from Scotland, and what they can be used for – from food, to hat making. We had more tasty food, and lenty of samples to have a look, sniff and nibble of.

Two weeks ago abundance Edinburgh came by on Saturday and wowed everyone with Red Devil apple juice, picked in Edinburgh, and just a tiny amount of the apples that abundance save from waste every year – which is just a fraction of the apples that do go to waste (or at least back to the earth and the insects).

Tomorrow – or today when you read this – Breadshare are giving out samples of their bread, and chatting about what being a community bakery means.

A final exciting note – leaving the most luxurious till last – we’ll be hosting a Raw Chocolate making workshop on the 21st of November. Come along and find out how straightforward it is to make raw chocolate, that’s sugar and dairy free, and tastes delicious. Scott has been developing these recipes over the past couple of years, only using fair trade, organic ingredients, and loves to share what he has learned, so as to empower more people in this field, making healthy sweets affordable.

This is sure to be popular, so get in touch with if you want to book a place. More details to follow shortly.

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