New Packdown Products: Pea Protein, bee pollen, coconut flour and more!

On May 1, 2014

We’ve had a bit of a new products blitz, and you might have noticed some of the exciting new items nestling in amongst the old favourites over the past few weeks. We’re particularly pleased to have added some nutrient-rich newcomers to our packdown range, including:

Pea Protein: Pea protein offers a dairy free protein source, and is popular amongst customers interested in sports and fitness. We’re now offering our own stocking our own packed down pea protein in a resealable foil bag for just £4.39 / 250g! (that’s cheaper than Tesco btw).

Here’s some other exciting new packdown products we got goin’ on:

  • Bee Pollen: Made by honey bees, this pollen is highly nutritious and delicious!
  • Coconut flour: This extremely popular flour is delicious, and can be used as a gluten free recipe substitute.
  • Coconut Palm sugar (organic): The delicious tasting dried sap of the coconut palm.
  • Lacuma powder: The dried fruit of the Peruvian Lacuma fruit, this golden powder is a delicious natural sweetener in raw chocolate, baking or smoothies.
  • RAW Organic Cacao Powder: An all important ingredient in raw chocolate.
  • RAW Organic Cacao Nibs: Unheated and delicious bitter nibs from the cacao bean.
  • Cacao Butter: The extracted oil from cacao beans, and another important ingredient in raw chocolate making.

We’ve also got plenty of other new products on the shelves in our other shop sections, so come and pop in and check out the newness at The New Leaf Co-op this Spring.


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