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Our wide range of  loose, scoop your own foods is tasty, fun and a hit with all ages. We have packed in all of your store cupboard staples like grains, pulses, herbs & spices as well as fruit, nuts, seeds, snacks and baking ingredients. Whilst you can’t scoop ’em, we also have pour your own oils and vinegars as well. The prices go down as you buy more, so if you have the space then bulk buys are a good way to go. However, our customers also love the fact that they can just buy a small amount of something: whatever they actually need, not what a large retailer has decided they should buy and possibly waste.

We encourage a low packaging approach, and if you bring your own bag, box or receptacle of choice you’ll receive a 10p discount on purchases weighing more than 500g. We do have bags available though, if you forgot your reused ones that day.

If you’re new to the hands-on New Leaf experience or would find it difficult to reach up or down to the dispensers then please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff for guidance or assistance.

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Beans & Pulses

Loose-QuinoaOne of the reasons we exist is because we want to promote cooking from healthy, raw, good value ingredients. Our huge range of store-cupboard staples are key in meeting this aim. We hope that we have everything you could want, but here’s some of our personal faves. We love the Fair Trade Kilombero rice from Malawi. This versatile East African-grown rice is delicious and also guarantees a fair deal for its small-holder producers. We also love Hodmedods: Producers of British grown beans and grains. Their organic quinoa comes all the way from exotic… Essex, and you can find it in our dispensers daily.

Herbs & Spicesherbs and spices on spoons

We stock around 100 culinary and medicinal loose herbs. They are very, very popular – not least because they are vastly better value than supermarket prices (seriously) and you can buy as much as you need to make a recipe, but you don’t have to take a whole jar.  We are refilling them all the time so the quality remains very good as well.

Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit mango

If you want something sweet but don’t want processed sugar, or want a protein-hit from a whole food not a powder, then these are the products for you. Our organic mango strips contain no added ingredients and are a massively popular lunchtime snack (for all ages!). Our organic chia and hemp seeds are great value and very popular with the local sporting types.

Oils & Vinegars

Cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, local rapeseed oil and soy sauce: You can refill them all, just bring a jar or bottle along and ask for instructions. Due to some slightly bizarre European legislation, we are not allowed to sell pour your own olive oil, but it is available at a good value price in big containers- so we have done what we can to offer New Leaf value and lower packaging on that one.

black gold oil

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