Fruit & Veg


We’re proud of our colourful range of fruits and veggies, bursting with flavour and packed with nutrients. Here’s some info on our our fruit and veg sourcing: what you will find, and what you wont:


ALL of our fruit and veg are grown pesticide free, and three of our four suppliers are officially certified organic and Cyrenians are ‘in conversion’ meaning they will be certified organic soon. We love organic food because it means we’re not ingesting pesticides and it’s better for biodiversity and soil health – it’s important!


We source as much veg locally as possible, to to support a thriving local economy and keep food miles low. We prioritise Scottish and then veg grown elsewhere in the UK.

We balance this with having a good range so we also offer some imported veg when UK options are limited. The vast majority are from Europe. The only exceptions to this rule are bananas, ginger, and turmeric and because of their health properties or role as a staple item.

This means that sometimes we don’t have some things: like peppers or avocadoes when their European season has finished. This means a little more creativity might be needed during the “Hungry Gap” when Euro food production is at its lowest. But we like to maintain a link to natural seasonality in the fruit and veg we offer, and remember the environmental cost of high food miles.


None of our fruit and veg are ever air freighted.

Our Suppliers

Phantassie: Based in East Lothian, Phantassie grow many of their own organic vegetables as well as providing us with some tasty fruit and veg from slightly further afield as well.

East Coast Organics: grow their own Organic and Biodynamic range of veg, as well as offering organic fruit and veg from other growers.

Cyrenians: Are an amazing charity working in partnership with homeless people in and around Edinburgh. They are working towards organic certification, but all that they grow is already pesticide-free and you really can’t get more local than their crisp greens and very free range eggs.

Meadowsweet Organics: Are our newest supplier, and bring us fresh organic veg and herbs all the way from sunny Fife!


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