The New Leaf’s One Year Birthday Bash!

On November 1, 2013

After six months in the making and many a sleepless night The New Leaf Co-op opened its doors on the 8th October 2012 – a bright and sunny autumn morning one year ago.

Uncertain as to whether our loose foods ethos of scooping your own muesli, pouring your own lentils and bagging your own herbs and spices would take off, we welcomed over the next few weeks and months, many a curious visitor from the Edinburgh community, popping in to see what we were all about. Gradually inquisitive passers-by have become warm, friendly and regular features of the New Leaf Co-op.

One year later we are still here and safe to say going strong, and so we decided to celebrate making it to another autumn season. During the day, we had gold painted card-board cut out number 1’s floating around the shop assisted by helium balloons (a little quirky and eccentric some might say ), and we gave out many a date, cocoa and coconut truffle. In the evening we had a wee gathering featuring some sweet tunes from Edinburgh based bluegrass trio Wayward Jane, some seriously tasty nibbles whipped up by members of The New Leaf Co-op, and an amazing turn out of friends, customers and people in the community. We even made a cake in the shape of a “1” with gold icing, and sang happy birthday to The New Leaf Co-op – singing to a shop? a little unusual perhaps – but why not!

The learning curve has been astronomical for us all and we are still very much navigating our way through the ins and out of running The New Leaf Co-op as a business and understanding the intricacies of operating as a workers co-operative. We want to get out there and tell the world about the shop, as space where customers can re-engage with the food they eat, and about co-operatives as an empowering model for organising and working. We feel there has been a constant stream of support, patience and enthusiasm from you all as we find our feet and we are all very much excited for the year ahead.


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