Volunteers help us in the day to day running of The New Leaf Co-op. We are incredibly happy with the volunteers we have had since the shop opened. We have learned from them, made some great friends and are extremely grateful for all of the time and hard work they have put in.  Read on for more information about how volunteering works at The New Leaf Co-op. The main tasks that we need help with are:

  • Packing down and refilling bulk containers: This involves accurately measuring stock from bulk sacks into smaller containers / weighed and priced bags.
  • Processing Orders: Checking in and putting away orders which arrive from our main suppliers on Wednesday and Thursday. This task can involve heavy lifting and use of stairs.
  • Restocking our shelves

Volunteer Commitment:

We have evolved quite a structured volunteering week. We ask volunteers to choose a shift that suits them, and to commit to it for 3 months. It is OK if you’re not there every week, but we have found that regularity works best for both the volunteers and the shop. This also means that through tea breaks and conversations you can start getting to grips with the bigger picture of how the New Leaf Co-op is run.

Our volunteer shifts are four hours long. But if this is a problem for you, please do let us know! We would like to discuss and put in place ways for volunteering to be easy and accessible.

Click on the timetable of our volunteering week, for information on the relevant tasks for each shift:

Volunteer Schedule


Volunteer Supervision:

Once you have chosen your shift, your main point of contact will change from our volunteer co-ordinator (who will answer your initial contact) to your on-shift supervisor – i.e. whichever member of staff works on the time of the day you will be volunteering.  They will make sure you’re happy, fed and take a break! You will get full training for whichever tasks you end up taking on.

Project Work:

If shift work is not your thing, and you’re up for taking on something a bit more creative: we’ve got plenty of projects we could do with some help with. Including making info sheets about products, writing blog posts with recipes or food politics, starting up an EPOS system, making window displays, creating signage for the shop-floor… Let us know if you’re interested in any of these projects or make us a pitch for something different! We’ll just have to discuss and agree on goals, time limits, expectations on both sides and then away you go.


We recognise what a difference volunteer labour makes to our business, and want to reward volunteers accordingly. Volunteers will be entitled to some food from the shop whilst on shift, and to a 30% shop discount for one week after volunteering.
If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send us an e-mail to volunteers [at] newleafcoop.co.uk for the Volunteer Application Form. Once you’ve filled it and returned it, we will then arrange an informal meeting to show you around the shop and establish if and how we can work together.

Thanks for your interest!

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